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I figured I'd let you know about the current project that I'm working on.

Some of you may or may not know of my first Flash, "Stick vs. Google"? Well, I'm making a game version of that.
I'm not really sure what else to tell you other than, most of my uploads go to DeviantART now, simply because they're unfinished so I can't put them on here or all I get is comments complaining that it wasn't finished or that it doesn't work.
Of course it doesn't work! It's not effing finished!

So, if you wanna keep track of what I'm doing, go here.

I joined DeviantART

2009-12-05 20:47:56 by AhrimanProductions

Well, actually it turns out I signed up 8 months ago... :P

Anyway, I'll be posting a lot of my works in progress over here

So feel free to head on over there to check my page. At the moment there's next to nothing on there but I will be posting more stuff up so go over there and check it out.


2009-11-30 05:41:03 by AhrimanProductions

Those of you who don't already know, I've released a new game well it's actually more of an engine.
It's a 2D-Action-Brawler engine complete with Gravity and Friction! :D
You can use a variety of attacks and magic on your opponent which happens to be a little angry face.

I'd LOVE to make this into a full game but I don't have the know-how to code a plaformer so if you'd like to do one of those Collaborative Effort thingos with me for this game, I'd be happy to.
But also, if you'd like to help me, PM me with script, help, tips, etc. that would help me make this game what I want it to be.

Hope you enjoy the game, I'm proud of it, entirely coded myself and all the graphics as well.

NOTE: I'll probably be updating this as I make more for the game so be sure to check back on it now and then.



2009-11-21 00:33:54 by AhrimanProductions

I uploaded that mini-project I was working on while I should've been working on Tales of Eldritch. So, now that it's finished, I can get back to working on Eldritch.

Hope you guys like it and don't forget to post your best score in the reviews!

Play it here.

I know I said I was gonna put the first couple of missions in before I uploaded this but to be perfectly honest, I was getting bored with it like I do with everything.
I've actually been fiddling around with something else, very like "Epic Battle Fantasy" but obviously nowhere near as good. :P But when I get bored with this, should be at most a week, I'll probably go back to Eldritch. There's just something about working on the same thing for longer than a week that I can't do.

In the meantime, Play the Eldritch Demo here and tell me what you think.


If you don't know what Tales of Eldritch is, read my previous post.
Basically it's my new RPG, for those of you who didn't read the last post, Yes, I'm making games again.

Anyway, here's a link to the trailer just showing everything I've got in it at the moment.

Tales of Eldritch Trailer

I'm making Flashes again.
Yes, I know it was an incredibly short break, but my mind's just been exploding with ideas, not to mention I've picked up a few new scripting skills that make making RPGs exceptionally easier to make.
I've picked up that "Monster Hunter"-esque game that I spoke about about 3-4 posts ago.
Yep, I've picked that back up and I've been overflowing with ideas to do with this game so I'm really excited about it. I plan on posting a demo for it once I have the first couple of Missions made.
At the moment, I'm fine-tuning the Village which the game revolves around, which anyone who's played Monster Hunter would know. :P
I've entitled the game "Tales of Eldritch" due to the fact that I've used nothing but sprites from the "Tales of" series. And the Eldritch part is the name of the world that the game takes place in.
Features in the game include:
* Naming character
* Selecting favoured stats which you get a bonus for upon making your character
* Selecting your class out of Warrior, Mage or Thief
* Shop system
* Level-Up system similar to that in Baulder's Gate; Upon levelling up you get stat points to use as you see fit
* Mission-based gameplay
* Optional missions with increased difficulty for more confident players
* Hopefully, I can get Medals put in it but I'm not sure how to exactly... Hopefully, I can figure that out when I release the game

So, there should be a demo out for Tales of Eldritch soon enough, all I need to do is finish a few of the first missions so that you can get a feel of what the game's gonna be like. I'm also doing this to see what kind of a rating I'll be looking at for the final version, since the last game I put a huge amount of effort into; "Final Fantasy Battle" got a surprisingly low score of like 2.49. This was extremely dissapointing after I spent several weeks on it making Auto-Life systems, Protect, Armour/Power-Break etc. which I thought was a really cool touch. As well as adding as many attacks, summons, spells, items etc. as possible because whenever I make an RPG all I hear is "You need more attacks" and the time I did it, I got a LOW score! As I said, disappointing.
So, that's why I'm uploading the demo, apart from checking what you guys think of it, I want to know if I should even bother continuing it if it's gonna get a crap score anyway.

Also, about the picture in my last post, it's the Scorpion boss from Final Fantasy VII which I was (and might continue later) making a Flash remake of. It was just gonna be the opening Mako Reactor mission and it looks awesome. It had the "wait until the time bar's full to move" thing which I was proud of for programming, it had the ability to learn "Cross-Slash" by using Braver 7 times, and I was planning on adding a heap more stuff to make it as much like the original FFVII as possible. It's got some great progress made on it so far, and I'm sure if I pick it up again it'll become one of my favourite works.

I leave you with the preloader of Tales of Eldritch.

Important (to people who care) news!

Just a post.

2009-10-19 08:15:35 by AhrimanProductions

Can anyone tell me what it is that I've drawn here?

The prize is absolutely nothing at all.

Just a post.

I'm no longer working on anything Flash-related.
Flash has officially been abandonned. [If that's you spell the prick]
So, don't bother asking me to do anything, even though I doubt you will, just thought I'd say beforehand that it's not gonna happen. Flash like everything I do, is just something I did for fun and now that I have lost my inspiration and enthusiasm to be doing anything, I figure it'd be best to just quit.

So, there ya have it. No more flashes from me.(Y)

Working on a new RPG

2009-07-30 08:40:43 by AhrimanProductions

I've started work on a new RPG.
I'm not 100% on how this'll go because I've been caught up playing my guitar. Practising my band's set for this thing we've got on the 30th. So, I've really gotta practise hard. This of course, doesn't leave a lot of time for Flash.
Anyway, it features:
* Character creation in the sense that you name your character, choose their class, and pick your highest stat.
* 3 different classes to choose from
* Level up system
* Save/Load system
* Autosave system

I'm not sure how to have the gameplay yet though. I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter Freedom lately, [HR5 MOFOKER!] and I was considering making it mission-based after MHF.
Like, have the game almost exactly like Monster Hunter in the sense that you are a new fighter from a town and you kill monsters for your town or something.
Have a few shops in town where you can make/buy weapons/armor, buy items, etc.
Have missions that you get from the leader of your village that send you to areas where you explore in RPG map style, get random battles but fight a "boss monster" so to speak at the end.
I think that's not actually a bad idea.
I was even thinking of maybe having you be able to hire people to help you in battle.

Get back to me on how you think this idea is.
I'll take things into consideration if they're decent comments otherwise I'm just gonna ignore them and make it my own way anyway. LOL.

Working on a new RPG